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What is the SWP?

The Sensory Workout Program (SWP) is an innovative approach to enhancing neural pathways for skill acquisition across various age groups.

Designed in four tailored modules for different age ranges, SWP provides caregivers with evidence-based exercises in an appealing card format.

The SWP exercises target the brain’s adaptability through neuroplasticity. They promote skill development and address disruptions in sensory processing and functional abilities.

What is the SWP Training for Facilitators?

The SWP Training for Facilitators is an online curriculum designed to deeply explore sensory integration across age groups.

Each self-contained module offers around 4 hours of video lessons, blending rich theoretical insights with valuable practical tips. While the SWP exercise cards are intuitive, this training delves deeper, ensuring facilitators grasp the full potential of the method and are adept at leveraging it to maximum effect.


Learn How to Make the Leap into a Sensory Success!
All the training you need to be a Certified SWP Facilitator and help children, adults, and seniors achieve sensory integration and better perform their daily activities. A comprehensive sensory integration toolkit, easy and fun to be used by parents/helpers, therapists, schools, wellness practitioners, mental health professionals, SEN staff, social workers, and more.

Delve into Sensory Integration

Choose a Training Module from the SWP’s 4-module online course:
  • Early Intervention ages 2 to 6
  • Early Intervention ages 7 to 18
  • Adults ages 18 to 65
  • Seniors 65+

Price per module


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Improving learning in the Educational Setting
As a SWP facilitator, teachers can use a highly effective tool to manage the sensory learning modalities of all students in the classroom.

Alert, Concentrated, Calm.

How can we prepare the senses for what comes next?

The populations of children and adults we worked with had a variety of diagnoses, from mild learning disabilities to ADHD, ASD, TBI and a wide range of neurological and physical developmental concerns.

The foundation for the SWP has been a direct result and natural progression of the close educational and therapeutic work we do with our clients, supported by evidence-based exercises and routines.

For all our clients, regardless of age group or level of delay or development difficulty, we have learned that the prior balance of the senses is always a determining condition for the success of any physical or mental activity that we intend to perform.

The Sensory Workout Program stems from years of research and extensive clinical experience, preparing clients to be focused, calm, and alert for subsequent activities. It can make a huge difference for everyone affected by an interruption, or delay and even strengthen the neural pathways in current use.

Alert Card (example)

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Ease Into Everyday Success

The Sensory Workout Program is a well-developed program that can ease the minds of every teacher, therapist, or caregiver as it is scientifically based, evidence-based, and extremely functional.

While therapeutic processes can often span years to yield functional results, this affordable program integrates seamlessly into anyone’s routine, fostering the development of essential life skills.

Discover what you will learn with SWP

1. Wellcome – Understanding Neuroplasticity 101
Duration: 25 minutes
2. Our Left and Right Brain 101
Duration: 25 minutes
3. Understanding the Basic Oculomotor System and the Impact on Developmental Skills: Functional, Social, and Academics
Duration: 30 minutes
4. Let’s talk Sensory: Basics of Alerting and Calming inputs
Duration: 20 minutes (theory and examples)
5. The SWP Sequence, Follow up activities and Family education
Duration: 25 minutes
6. How to integrate the program into your Treatment session
Duration: 25 minutes
7. Hands on Lab
Duration: 30 minutes
8. Case Studies
Duration: 30 minutes
9. Review For Home
Duration: 25 minutes
10. Wrap it up
Duration: 25 minutes


Alyssa S.
Miami, FL
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"The SWP has been a fantastic tool for me as an elementary school teacher in training students with sensory issues. Through using it, I've seen great improvements in these children's attention and retention—and fewer discipline problems!"
Cherryl B.
Pembroke Pines, FL
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"I am the mother of a 10-year-old girl who has been diagnosed with ADHD. The SWP exercises have helped my daughter to focus, be more engaged and motivated to learn. I highly recommend these exercises."
Brenda G.
Miami, FL
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"Vivid with practical exercises. Learning to develop sensory awareness with my students has been one of the most valuable tools I have gained from SWP as it has improved behavior and academic performance."
Katherine R.
Atlanta, GA
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"The SWP is a well-structured training with many hands-on sensory exercises and activities. It's also the most comprehensive system on the market."
Martin S.
Hollywood, FL
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"I am an OT from Hollywood, FL, and work with children and adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities. After learning the SWP from Amee Cohen, I can say that it is a simple and effective method of integrating sensory input before sessions."
Mandy J.
West Palm Beach, FL
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"I've been a teacher in the public school system for many years and took the SWP online training. It’s a great course with useful information – it increases awareness of sensory integration difficulties AND effective treatment strategies. Would recommend!"
Joana C.
Fort Lauderdale, FL
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"The SWP is an amazing program that has helped me a lot expand my knowledge of sensory integration. I'm extremely happy with this training."